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Home-Based Positions

Home-Based Online English Teacher

We’re looking for experienced and potential teachers who love working with kids. 51Talk teachers love to make learning fun, and they bring excitement and energy to every lesson!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will I do as a Home-Based Online English Teacher?

    As a 51Talk teacher, you will –

    • Conduct 30-minute, one-on-one English lessons to Chinese learners online

    • Prepare and study the company-provided teaching materials before the lesson starts

    • Provide feedback during the lesson

    • Create a lesson memo at the end of each lesson

  • I’m an Overseas Filipino worker. Can I apply?

    Yes, you can apply as a Home-Based Online English Teacher.
  • Are we required to be able to speak Mandarin?

    Proficiency in Mandarin, or any language aside from English, is not a requirement. As long as you have an excellent command of the English language and a passion for teaching, you are welcome to apply as a Home-Based Online English Teacher.
  • How can I follow up my application?

    You may contact our Recruitment Hotline at 779-5151 / 0917-576-5132 (Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm) or send us an email at (Subject Title: Recruitment Inquiry).
  • I’m a former 51Talk teacher and I want to teach again? How?

    You can send your Letter of Intent to teach again with 51Talk at
  • How long is each class?

    Each class is 25 minutes long.
  • Where is the working location?

    You can have your class at home.
  • Can I cancel my schedule if I am not available due to unexpected reasons?

    Slots in your schedule that have not been booked may be cancelled. However, once a slot is booked, there can be no cancellations unless there is an emergency.
  • Is there a typical age range for the students I will be teaching?

    Although we have a wide range of students, our largest group falls between 4 and 12 years old.
  • What level of English proficiency can I expect from my students?

    The majority of students are new beginners.
  • Are there trainings for home-based Online English teachers?

    Yes, we’re continuously conducting free online and onsite trainings for our teachers.
  • Will I get promoted?

    51Talk has a standardized promotional structure. The more you teach, train and learn, the more you can earn.
  • Is there a limit in the trainings that I can attend?

    You can attend as many trainings as you are willing to.
  • How much can I earn?

    Earnings are based on the number lessons you will conduct and your performance. Our top performing teachers earn as much as PHP 80,000 per month
  • How can I earn more?

    Here’s how you can earn more:

    • Referral incentives

    • Performance-based incentives

    • Peak hour incentives

    • Pay raises corresponding with certifications and training completion

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Office-Based Positions

  • Office-Based Online English Teacher

    Conduct one-on-one video lessons with Chinese students. Create a lesson memo with the necessary feedback about the topics discussed.

  • Teacher Support Associate

    Answer inquiries of home-based online English teachers via call, email, or chat. Assist teachers in resolving concerns related to their lessons

  • Recruitment Associate

    Screen, interview, and orient applicants for home-based online English teacher roles.

  • Training Associate

    Conduct online or onsite trainings for home-based online English teachers.

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