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What is being a HAWO teacher all about?

Personal Connections

HAWO educators are passionate about making personal connections with our young learners in the classroom. What makes us unique?

  • Convenient Career Growth

    Being a HAWO teacher means you can connect with other amazing teachers in our professional learning communities. We offer ongoing training, and other development opportunities to grow your abilities.

  • Building Connections

    The platform’s capabilities allow you and your students to interact with one another, like in a physical classroom! You’ll become an important mentor to your students, while gaining in-depth and meaningful insights into their education.

  • Stable Income

    Group Class lessons are booked in two-week or four-week increments, and can continue after that. This means you will receive class bookings, and continue to meet with the same HAWO students. A regular and predictable schedule means a stable income.

Our Story

Our founder Jack Huang founded HAWO with a dream to help China speak with the world.

For too long, English learning has been focused on rote memorization and the unpractical recall of information. To better prepare China’s English learners for the future, our founder set out to provide a foundation for developing a practical, working knowledge of spoken English.

Jack set out on this mission to give students access to the best English education available, and by working together with teachers from across the world, this mission will become a reality.

What's It Like Teaching Online?

HAWO teachers can expect to have fun, rewarding, and meaningful lessons everyday. Learn about teacher Kelly's exciting journey with HAWO here:


HAWO teachers have fun, meaningful lessons everyday. Take a look at what our teachers are saying:

Ronnie Turtle

HAWO Teacher since 2017


Teaching is my passion, helping children learn a new language is amazing, I am giving something of value to their life. I love the fact that they talk about their traditions, customs and food. It is rewarding when I see the progress of my students, the improvement after each lesson and to see a smile on their face when I enter the classroom, that feeling is priceless. One day I asked a student “How are you today?”. She replied “I am happy because I have a class with you!”. That answer made my day and I could see first hand how important it is to always have a smile on our face when we teach and to treat children as friends. For these and many reasons more I LOVE BEING A HAWO TEACHER!

Sandra Nicole

HAWO Teacher since 2017

"I greatly admire my students, especially the devotion they have to their education."

The thing that I enjoy the most about being a HAWO teacher is my students. Their thirst for knowledge, their desire to constantly improve themselves in their learning journey, and their push for excellence has motivated me to be the best teacher I can for them. Every minute spent reflecting on my teaching methods and techniques, and what I can do differently to better assist my students with their learning needs, is worth it when I witness their confidence and their abilities grow. I love my students, and am proud of how far they have come.

Maria Laurice

HAWO Teacher since 2016

"Being a HAWO teacher is both enriching and cultivating. "

It allows me to learn about different cultures and ways of life, thus it widens my knowledge about the world and this makes a better teacher by knowing how to tailor fit a lesson for each student. It enables me to be better at my profession by experiencing different levels and different kinds of learners in each class taught. HAWO also offers many different trainings for teachers who would like to continuously learn and better themselves. Though we work online, we also get to Interact with our colleagues through group conversations and meetings. HAWO is an all around great organization to work for based on experience.

About The Company

HAWO is China’s largest online English education platform, and is publicly traded on the NYSE (COE). The company aims to make high quality education accessible and affordable to millions of people in China. HAWO’s goal is to provide high-quality education and affordable to millions of young learners all over China.

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