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What is being a 51Talk teacher all about?

Personal Connections

51Talk is all about having a passion for teaching kids and making personal connections. What makes us unique?

  • Convenient Career Growth

    Being an online teacher shouldn’t just be a part-time job - it should be an opportunity to evolve your career and make an impact. As a 51Talk teacher you’ll get the earnings, flexibility, and convenience from working at home, with the added benefit of a personal network that you control and grow with.

  • Building Connections

    51Talk teachers build connections with their students in a way that no other education platform can offer. As you begin your online teaching journey, you’ll develop a network of students who adapt to your teaching style and will book your lessons again and again.

  • Stable Income

    Our specially designed curriculum gives teachers the freedom to teach their own way, and individually tailor every lesson to each student’s unique needs. This personal touch is the basis of what it means to have a 51Talk network, and is why 51Talk teachers can expect to have stable and predictable income that scales to their needs.

Our Story

Our founder Jack Huang founded 51Talk with a dream to help China speak with the world.

For too long, English learning has been focused on rote memorization and the unpractical recall of information. To better prepare China’s English learners for the future, our founder set out to provide a foundation for developing a practical, working knowledge of spoken English.

Jack set out on this mission to give students access to the best English education available, and by working together with teachers from across the world, this mission will become a reality.

What's It Like Teaching Online?

51Talk teachers can expect to have fun, rewarding, and meaningful lessons everyday. Learn about teacher Kelly's exciting journey with 51Talk here:


51Talk teachers have fun, meaningful lessons everyday. Take a look at what our teachers are saying:

Serena Dawn

4 years of teaching experience


"Best job I have ever had!"

This is one of the best jobs I have ever had. I appreciate my students so much. They inspire me daily and I’ve found so many ways to work with them and reach out to them.

Jen Lumley

25 years of teaching experience


"51Talk is a family."

If you are considering 51Talk, I highly encourage going for it because it is more of a family than a workplace. We support and help each other as best we can. It has brought all of us so many great possibilities and I’m excited to see where it will take us in the coming years!

Amanda Agatha

3 years of teaching experience


"This job is very stable."

My name is Teacher Amanda Agatha and I am teaching from Arizona in the USA! I can honestly say that I am so happy to have found this opportunity. Not only is this job very stable, but it has a very personal feel since you get to interact with students from the other side of the world.

About The Company

Hello World American Academy is a premium online education program powered by 51Talk. 51Talk is China’s largest online English education platform, and is publicly traded on the NYSE (COE). The company aims to make high quality education accessible and affordable to millions of people in China.

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